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19. Januar 2021

  • EVE Launcher, corrupted downloads and repair tool update

    As of 01:40 GMT (14th March) we released a new Launcher (Version 1.09) and a new repair tool to resolve some issues that players have been experiencing during the initial deployment of Crucible 1.5.

    Those of you experiencing issues with the Launcher or updating the game, please follow these steps:

    1. Reboot the computer.
    2. Navigate to the EVE client install folder.
    3. Run the Repair tool and wait until it is finished.
    4. Run eve.exe from the same folder

    We ask people to reboot their computer to make sure that there are no locked files or other processes running while running the repair tool. This would otherwise interfere with the repair tool and prevent the client from updating.

    If you have problems due to corrupted downloaded data, please consult this forum thread for a workaround.

    To report any outstanding issues with Crucible 1.5.1, please visit this thread.




  • 2018/01/25 - Mass Test On Singularity!

    We are planning a mass test on Singularity for testing changes for the February release.

    This time we are testing a number of significant changes in the audio code and graphics engine, Upwell structure changes, and general client and server performance. 

    If you’re interested in attending please join us on Singularity on Thursday the 25th of January at 17:00 UTC.

    Participants will receive a reward of two million skillpoints (available only on the test server Singularity).

    Please note that numbers, art assets, and other game properties on the test servers are not final and may change before they are released.

  • Octopus Red Flight SKINs Available For Selected Hulls!

    We're happy to announce that the Octopus Red Flight SKIN set has been made available in the New Eden Store for selected Caldari hulls:

    • Cormorant – 190 PLEX
    • Jackdaw – 190 PLEX
    • Caracal – 230 PLEX
    • Cerberus – 230 PLEX
    • Drake – 230 PLEX
    • Raven – 290 PLEX
    • Golem – 290 PLEX

    Head on over to the New Eden Store to grab these SKINs for your collection!

    Purchasing SKINs is easy:

    • Log into EVE Online
    • Have sufficient PLEX
    • Go to the New Eden Store (press ALT+4 or use the Neocom to access the store)
    • Purchase the SKIN(s)
    • The SKINs are then available in your redeeming system